Saturday, November 27, 2010

FUNNY yet USEFUL for GALs....

hey guys....
just found out something from mag that is funny and useful... esp for GALs.. :)
this is actually a give back for VERBAL ABUSE... something like sexual harassment.. hehe...

1. he says : Mmmm... can i suckle on that??
she says: Does someone have mummy issues? Did mummy not love u?? Maybe u were Adopted.

2. he says : Babe, that skirt will definitely get u into boss' good books.
she says : Thanks. i'll be sure to let him know that u said that.

3. he says : I'd like to tap that ass.
she says : And i'm sure ur future bunkmate at the sungai buloh would like to tap URs too

4. he says : Come on.. lets talk dirty.
she says : i think u should see a dentist about ur oral hygiene issues.

5. he says : I made u walk over here with one finger, imagine what i can do with five...
she says : That's easy, u could use them to sign the court settlement for sexual harassment
in a workplace.

6. he says : want to go somewhere quiet so i can get to know u better?
she says : Want to meet in hell ? i heard it's pretty quiet there. u go ahead, i'll come later..

7. he says : If u're bored, i can show u a good time..
she says : I dont indulge in knitting, but thanks for sharing.

i found these are useful if u ever faced with those silly dudes that tries to take advantage on u...
be smart to handle these kinda conversation...
Hope u find it useful .. :)
hahah... i really like it :)

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