Monday, April 25, 2011


ok... so i went to studio today...
but it wasn't SUNDAY....
actually i was there to do my playlist for SUNDAY ;)
n DJ HAROLD ask me to join him
for TOP 20 HITS
so i did ;)
it was really fun going onair with him hahah
though i did feel kinda nervous cuz he is so PRO
n i'm like newbies... but anyhow... it was a good experience...
so... if u wanna listen to us...
here is the link...
its only the PART 1
so.. stay tuned for PART 2

and if you feel it is not enough...
u can visit DJ HAROLD's Podcast
to listen more ;)
and here is the link ;)

happy listening guys ;)
til then .... BYE BYE ;D

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