Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sharing is caring =)

As the saying goes :
Sharing is Caring....
therefore, i'm gonna share some sayings that i found nice =)

Enjoy your life, No matter how hard it may seem.
When life gives you a thousand reasons to cry,
Show the world that you have a million reasons to SMILE =)

Be thankful for who you are,
Because there might be someone out there
who wishes to be you

Don't give up on life
Life can be so beautiful
Especially after you've spent a lot of time with it

Cry as hard as you want to
But always make sure
When you stop crying,
You'll never cry for the same reason again

Life is short, LIVE it
Love if rare, GRAB it
Anger is bad, DUMP it
Fear is awful, FACE it
Memories are sweet, CHERISH it

thats all =)
hope it helps to keep you motivated =)

Lastly, Merry Christmas in advance =)

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