Sunday, May 20, 2012

Date with Mr Piano

Got a call from the producer
"we need to change the music cuz the timing"
yes boss.. so we went to the church to borrow the piano =)
o my.... Janice and me never touched the piano for very long time
sorry if the music sux

I cant believe we took half day to compose the songs...
hope you all will love the music

very nervous...

took us quite long to record the music
as we were trying to figure out the parts
Thank God
at last we did it

and here is the link of our video

support ya!
we also got a lot of feedbacks
sorry for the music cuz some commented its not suitable
and some mistakes
we'll improve and more videos to come :)

and i realized i'm in LOVE with piano once again
after sooooooo many years
thanks to all who supported us and also commented on our video
we need your comments and suggestions to improve


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