Monday, May 28, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note - Caricature photos

A random date with #tryandsee crew
so day that Taira and Veronica couldn't join us
Well,  as usual
went to One Borneo with Chloe
Dated Janice and Yuan for sunset dinner
somehow plan changed
and they ended up in One Borneo because Janice wanted to record a short video
for the Samsung Blogger competition

and guess what?
there was this Caricature Portraits Booth in the Exhibition
since we need to wait for them to record
we queued
and it was very long
it took us more than 2 hours
but who cares?
Cause it is nice


that's Chloe's and mine

Chloe and Caricatured Chloe :)

look alike??

 Retard face when waiting for the 2 busy people
editing the video :)

told ya they are really busy


went for late dinner in KK
and basically my saturday is spent with my sayang :)

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