Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bali Escape Day 2

Morning Peeps !!!
its a bright day...
we are ready for our journey for the day... 
but before that.... BREAKFAST !!! yuhoo
had scramble eggs, egg toast, william potato, muffin and orange juice

Shi Ying, Me, Kit Wan, Bell, Elaine.... and ofcourse our photographer.... CHloe

here she is... Chloe

first stop 
we went to a butik making factory to see how its produce
it was kinda crowded...

Meet our Tour Guide ---- MIKA ;) funny guy
then we went to silver shop
selling all types of rings 

this is used for prayer purposes 
3 times a day

Goa Gajah...
the next station...

the 4 pretties went in 

Chloe and Me stay outside 
we went to hunt for Ice Cream cuz it was too hot ...

tadaaa...... WE FOUND IT !!!
yeay !

Kit Wan and Shi Ying requested to try Babi Guling 
and guess wat ??
our tour guide was kind enough.... and the driver- MA-DE
they brought us there to buy...
cuz time dont allow us to enjoy there,... 
so we TAPAO.. ;)

ok... tasted it.. 
not really that nice
just that the meat was softer than the usual wan
anyway... we headed to another destination
one of the volcano in Indonesia
it was very windy there...
and we are gonna have lunch there.. ;)

emm..... i cant realy recall why all of us look down...
but i like this pic ;)

Bell and Me

Elaine and me 
actually the food was not nice...

went to try coffee ;)

they have various types of coffee
from ginger tea, lemon tea, cocoa, ginseng coffee, vanilla coffee and more...
but personally.. i prefer their lemon tea

then we headed to the Rice Terrace...
near UBUD

Funny Shots !!! hahahha

love the paintings

its GSC yeah....
then went to Orchid Spa

OPPSSSS..... i did it again...

too many photos to upload... 
wait for the second part hehehhe
will be updated soon ;)
stay tuned...
til then todooooooo


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