Thursday, July 21, 2011

SIFE Malaysia - CHARTIS Malaysia Insurance Special Competition

only one week of preparation...
script, questions, annual report, sleepless night ... etc...
wow... freaking hectic.. OMG
so here it is
the competition is on 20th July, University Malaya

spot me in the banner ??

AHA !!! the green t--shirt wan ahhah

so i was kinda nervous cuz i thought our preparation was not enough
furthermore, we did not practice much for it..
time was too little for us to focus on so much things happening in the same time..
this competition + SIFE NAtional Exposition


early in the morning, we walked to the Business and Accounting Faculty in UM..
kinda long too...
good tat i brought my slippers 

waiting for the registration in the early morn
by the way... this is AMANDA ;)  my Queue Master ;) 

there were total number of 15 projects to be presented...
3 leagues for the qualifying round..
and where are we???
we were in the 2nd league at 11 something round

so this is it..
the mentally support from all our UMS SIFERs
cuz they will be joining us late..
so only 5 of us leaving to KL early for this competition
Yanyi + Me + Amanda + Jegan + Kak Hasba
this was given by them while we were waiting in airport...
ouchhhhh.... really TOUCHED 
thanks guys... thanks for your support ;) 

after the qualifying round
ok... the result time...
we were asked to wait for 2 hours before they announce the result
6 teams will be in the final round..
the result was announced at 2pm

so this is the hall that we gonna present during final

this is taken while waiting for the result to be announced
was actually very worried
worry that we cant get into the final...
really scared to the max.. 

so this is it... 
Mr Albert from SIFE M'sia was doing the roll call 
to ensure that all the competing teams are in the hall
before the announcement

later this columns will be filled with each final competing institution names..
the battle is on! 

result time !!!

guess what  ????

we managed to be in the final too.... 
yea yea....
our effort has been paid off...
yes !! GO SIFE UMS ;)

next is the team pairing session...
the team that got no1 get to choose their league..
cuz our team got the last no - 6
so ......

there u go....
2nd slot - UiTM Melaka
3rd slot - UMT
4th slot - UTP
5th slot - UTHM
6th - UiTM Sarawak

soo.... we are in the 1st slot.. !!
emm i wouldn't said its a bad thing cuz we dont need to be worried at least...

we presented at 2.30pm...  
it was scary ...
i did made some aaa.... e.... 
but i guess overall is okay...
at least we did managed to finish the presentation smoothly
and answered the question .. 
so i would say is good ;)

finally i'm released...
i actually kinda enjoy being on the stage
to share our story with the rest of the SIFERs... 
feel sooo good
and i like to play  eye to eye games with the judges ;) 

my partner - yanyi, me, kak hasba, and jegan (technical team)

look cute ??? 
like kid ahhaha

just the 4 of us...
Jegan - technical team
Me n Yanyi - presenters
Amanda - technical + queue master ;)

here is Mr Albert from SIFE MALAYSIA.. 
with all the annual reports from all the 15th competing team ;)


cant wait for the result to be out...
though i never really thought of winning
cuz the others are good also
so.... leave it to god ;) ahha

it will be released on the 26th together when the announcement of SIFE National Exposition 2011 

i really enjoy this competition though we had sleepless nights to prepare for it
cuz i gained knowledge 
like it...

so stay tuned for the result ;)
wish us luck ;) 

o before i leave--
just wanna share with u guys the lines that i like the most in my speech

throughout this life impacting experience
reaching out for the community
we have realized that our achievement is not just a destination to be accomplished
but a beginning journey of our success
to minimize risk faced by our community
in sustaining their business

- cas - 

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  1. wow..amazing blog..i enjoyed it..keep it up..sorry dunt have chance to meet last time before we are going back..we have to back early..see u in sife national competition!