Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bali Escape Day 3

wel...  as usual have our breakfast in the hotel
then start our journey
hehe.. wel, today MIKA told us we'll be going to visit 
temple and most of it is ancient royal temple
so wat r we waiting for ??
come on..
lets start our journey ;)
so this is the first place...
Pura Taman Ayun Temple located in Mengwi Village
built in 1634
also known as the temple of Origin..

like this place cuz its very green n peaceful
though its kinda hot
but its windy...

Bell and Chloe..

ShiYing, KitWan, Me, Elaine, Bell and Chloe

our funny and easy going guide ---- MIKA 

well..  actually there are different meaning for different levels of pagoda
cuz it represent different thing
some decades later, this temple was enlarged and more shrines and pagoda was built.
the old temple is still used by the royal family of Mengwi
for worshipping their royal ancestor
so this is it... ;)
and we r moving to the next destination ;)

Chloe, KitWan, Elaine, Bell and Me..

so where are we?? hmm..
Ulun Danu temple.. one of the most popular places to visit
the name Ulun Danu literally means "the beginning of the lake"

the whole place consist of 4 units each dedicated to spirit of Lingga Petak
the temple is surrounded by peaks of Bali mountain chain
such as the east Mt. Mangu
to the sounth is Mt. Teratai Bang
West is Mt. Pohan
all symbolizes the nature and as the respect of nature greatness
the place is newly renovated for some ceremony purposes 

this place is super windy..
the you'll be amazed by the view...

i really like the following pic...

the smallest among us -- meet BELL..

then we went for lunch at Pacung

this place is surrounded by  paddy hills
enjoying our lunch and overlooking the view is fantabulous
we meet few uncles and aunts from Malaysia too
have a little chat session with them 
though the food was not satisfying...
but the view and environment is superb 
so..  its still AWESOME !!

actually i didnt knew that Elaine and Chloe were there...
cuz i thought ShiYing is only  taking photo 
for ME and BELL

back to car...
heading to next destination ;)
say YES !!!

next station...
Tanah Lot Temple which located in the coastal side of Beraban countryside
the temple is built on the rock 
this place is very famous for its spectacular view of sunset

took us very long spot for this place
sat down for pic
cuz everyone is waiting for their turn to get the best shot
overlooking the view of the temple
and the rifts..

actually we got sunburned...
no who cares ;)
cuz we get to see nice views..  ahaha
but feeling extremely thirsty 
so we went to buy some drink and rest
while KitWan and Shiying stil having their sweet time taking pics..

after drinks 
we walked around 
wanted to buy some stuff
but dont really like it...

presenting to u ...
the REtards !!!!!

oh Gosh....
we had a Laughing Session there
i wonder ppl thought we are really retards ??

time for Dinner...

see?? reserved for Darmika tour

we eat flying fish...

went back to hotel after dinner...
then we plan to go for Drinks ;) 

had fun in the bar... 
saw some crazy Aussies
dance and drink like nobody business 

kinda late d..
so we decided to go back before its too late and dangerous 

stil continue to camwhore after back to room
HEART this photo very much ;)

last pic of the day...
like this


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