Wednesday, December 1, 2010

19 Nov 2010 (part 2)

We always wanted to go to LITTLE ITALY... finally....
friends been talking bout it all the time..
not bad... :)

the pizza, 3 in 1 flavour pasta, salad... emmm :)
5 pretties... hahaha :-)

here comes the last... dessert !!! TIRAMISU... not bad :)

It was kinda early... so we decided to find a nice place to hang out til 10 pm... for we wanna return the car.. :)
then we found FRESCO.... it was kinda like a bar and restaurant.. too bad we were way too early.. so cant listen to the band...

i personally like this pic.... light the light of the fire....

u noticed there were only 4 drinks???
haha... cuz BELL was not feeling well, so she never ordered...
the one on the left top--- sex on the beach ( Chloe )
Margarita ( Elaine )
Rasberry Delight ( Mine )
emm... the other one i can really recall... but it taste like apple.. ( Veron )

headed back round 9 pm... it was really a nice day :)
o ya !!! for your information....
each of us had 8 cups of drinks this day...
OMG... !!! can u believe this ??

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