Saturday, December 4, 2010

post :)

Have a nice long chat with piano teacher...
wanna congratz her for she's gonna marry real soon...
she has nice wedding pics for she has pro photographer friend...
she even has make up artiste and fashion designer as friends.. pheww !!!
i think her wedding's gonna be a real good wan.. can't wait to see her wedding gound and more pics !!
really cant believe she even know Joe Chia... young fashion d'signer !!!! OMG ...
i've always wanted to be a fashion designer... but i never took it !!!
i'm taking International Business instead :(
she ask me why not take fashion design..
i was thinking to take it maybe after i've grad !!
i really like fashion !!! and i like mixing and matching all the stuff !!
i really hope i can do it ... cuz its my dream..
really hope this dream can come true ...
but currently, i'm gonna just focus on my studies :)

have a nice day guys !!

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