Wednesday, December 8, 2010

L.A ( Day 4 )

wuhoo.... today is our free day...
gonna move to another hotel in the evening.. so we had chance to go round the place...
we took bus... walked... and the most important...
others went to Disney land... but we chose to go around the place.. haha..

we are 1 Malaysia.. not the 3 of us... is FOUR

simply posing haha.. :)

lets rest for awhile after a long walk.. haha

Adrian used his shades to make this effect.. nice huh..

maple leave.. :)

the T-Shirts Shop :)
and u know what?? its own by KOREAN... emm
weird right.. :)
LUCH TIME !!! :)
went to MAXICAN Restaurant :)
nice ...

its salad.. :)

YUMMY :) Emmmm.....

then walked around the street..
and take more PICS hehe...
see tat?? its FRIENDSHIP PLAZA... meaningful huh....
we tried to cover the word PLAZA>. haha :)

WATS'UP POSE.... hahah :) Peace dude :)


haha.. see the 2nd pic???
i was doing some stunt hahahhahaha :)
looked like HEAD-LESS... hahaha

must be wondering why i was not in that??
haha... cuz i was the Protographer.. hahahha :)
nice huh.... NATURAL :)

watch out !!! i am WATCHING !!! beware !!

hahah... i like Sharifah's facial expression.. ahha so funny :)

emm... how do we go from here ???
LET's SEE...

em... i guess is there.. :)
trust me ..

is the CHURCH :)

Yo YO !!! Check It Out :)

like this pic... nice :)
credits goes to Adrian :)

Sharon :)
miss ya

its a statue in GARDENWALK..

vroommm !!!!! give way people... :)

the BUBBA GUM dino... haha

nice :)

walking back to the hotel.. :)
nice sunset view...

can u see me??
its my BACK :)

DINNER... emm. i cant recal the restaurant's name... emm
there's fish n chip, cranberry crumble, salad, rasberry cheesecake, and bucket of bread.. :)
It was really a nice day... and l enjoyed outing with 3 of them...
MISS the days.... really...
miss the LAUGH we have, the ARGUMENTs we made while firguring out the right way to take, and lots of FUN that we had... hahhahha

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