Friday, January 21, 2011

Its a good news !!!!

OMG... cant believe i'm still awake at this time..
suddenly feel like blogging eventhough i have not finish my work.. heheh
cuz i need to share the HAPPINESS...
(actually i shld be worried cuz i have not finish my work.. haha)
Well, big day (program) is around the corner...
yet things are not really done yet...
been walking and running from one place to another... ( like superman)
had a weeks of Marathons around the campus.. wow
been walking like nobody business hahaha...

although its kinda tiring and hard...(mentally & physically exhausted)
maybe get scolded lil as well....
but when things are almost done
and most of the guests are coming,
it just made our days !!!
and ITS WORTH afterall...!!
i just cant express how happy and thankful i am now..
and the least expected things happened....
"SHE" is happy finally... OMG !! really cant imagine that ... :)
" good !! Keep it up gals !!! Go SIFERS !!!

so now all i can hope for is the launching can be smooth...

actually, to be honest, i really like to work in team eventhough conflicts do happen during discussion... but when it is successful.. u'll feel that its WORTH :)

so all that i can say is
looking forward for the launching...
okok.. better get back to my work :)
good night :)

looking forward to another AMAZING RACE tomorrow.... :)

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