Sunday, February 20, 2011

1st time ~~~

went to KKFM conti at noon for i need to learn from the seniors on how to use the system..

too bad the system was down...

so join them for PHONETICS class...

met few new seniors ... :)

** i dont know y i kept using the word senior???

but they kept asking me not to use the word senior

cuz they feel older.. hahahah

then the system was back to normal then we all went in to the room

its like a CROSS OVER.. ahhah

they introduced us.. :)

and surprisingly... i never thought i'll go onaire too...

Ms. F just ask me to say few words..

and i kinda nervous... cuz i can feel my heart pumping and bouncing up n down...

but it was nice... :)

guess i have lots of things to learn..


then we went for late lunch in 1 BORNEO ....

!!ADIOS !!

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