Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bunny Year !!!!! (part 1)

YOYOYO !!!!! its chor yat ( first day of CNY)
went back late at night yesterday after having reunion dinner at grandma place...
but i'm still ENERGETIC hahah
cuz i wan ANG PAO !!!
so this is wat i get for the first day !!!
yeeee hhaaa...
hoping for more to come !!!

HUAT AR !!!!

so these are some Ang Pao that i like :)
not because of the $$ inside but the DESIGN
hahah :)

here's a rabbit wan... CUTE :)

then the yellow wan :)

and here's the GOLD wan

and... here are the ang pao family :)
deng deng deng deng !!!

actually i did nothing today :)
but i went for movie with cousins...
we watched GREEN HORNET :)
at GSC Signature
its DAMN FUNNY !!!

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