Thursday, February 3, 2011

winter wonderland (day3)

wooo... woke up early in the morning ..

had our breakfast then we are off for our trip

ok.. so the first destination was Beijing Zoo...

so this is the main gate..

new born baby panda :) cute huh :)

enjoying his food :)

mini mahjong

panda coins

the king n queen

then after the zoo trip....

we went to a silk shop

made from silk

think its pollution???

its not !!! its actually steam :)

cuz its freaking cold

yeah... its time for lunch....

so wat we had for lunch????

emm... we had japanese buffet :) emm

my fav kimchi :)

banana roll ??

hey.. why do i need to wear like tat???

cuz its freaking cold... and the wind hurts...

went to have drinks wit uncle and his friends...

its call CJW :)

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