Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out We Go !!!

yippie !!!!
finally we went out :)
headed to Karamunsing early in the morning
to service my camera ... too bad. its public holiday ...arrgghhhh
then we headed to KK town...
after long hours of walk
we headed to SUGAR BUN CAFE for a drink :)
as usual... cammmmwore... hehe :)

bunny reunion :)


her 1st trial for this kinda pics..
chili sauce n emmm... whats tat???
it doesnt look like mash potatoes rite??
it looks like tartar sauce...


3 layers tea

thanks to me (the pro)
ahhah... cuz both of them look nice
arent they??

Meet Nerdy Spec and Teddy note....

then we went to the seaside for more caammmmwore session :)
here we gooo !!!!
i look so meesyyyy...
cuz the mr. wind was too strong...

look !!!
its Chloe and Me :)

meet the spies !!
Casandra n Sharon :)

CHloe and SHaron

to her dearest dude :)

actually we met a GERMAN man...
had a long chat with him...
though he was kinda weird..
but he ends with good advice...
"BE GOOD n may god bless whatever u do"
it was really meaningful...

HUGS !!!

went for "bak kut teh"
for DINNER :)

we were tooo FULLLLL...
walk back to the station to catch the bus :)
had a really nice day...
a meaningful day

physically tired...
gonna get a good rest...

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